Friday, February 23, 2007

A List

Here's a list of things you can do to while away the tww. (We did all of these things this week, in fact!)

  • dehydrate bananas and apples in your parents' food dehydrator from the 1980's
  • make granola
  • finish knitting and sewing projects lying around the house
  • go to Mass MoCA
  • go visit your mom
  • drive through a snow storm for pizza in Northampton
  • mail packages to your friends who just had babies
  • repaint your bedroom
I think we would be doing those things even if we weren't in the tww, seeing as we were both on February vacation this week from our schools. But, that is everything we've accomplished this week. It definitely fell short of our "master list" of things to get done during our vacation, but I'd say all in all, we did alright!


Laura D. said...

Those are some amazing accomplishments! I can't even get my act together enough to send you your water bottle. (Which I'm very sorry'll get done as soon as this exam is out of the way.) So what color is the bedroom, now???

CD & SP said...

not exactly, but pretty close to "rich taupe". we had like 30 samples that we put on the wall and narrowed it down to "sisal" by ralph lauren. pretty. we left two walls peacock/turquoise blue though!

Holly said...

wow. you have accomplished way too much this week.

Miss jane said...