Monday, February 26, 2007

Domestic Bliss

Some visions of the domestic goddess I was today:

Painting the bedroom--bu-bye, turquoise! It was a good run, but we won't miss you. Helloooo Ralph Lauren "Sisal"!

Yum! Sugar cookies! (Because I didn't have any more chocolate chips in the house!)

Of course, I also had the not-so-fun job of calling around and making appointments for us. If this cycle turns out to be a dud like the others, we have to go to injectible fertility meds. Which means we have to somehow see Dr. Impossible so we can get the lowdown on what meds she recommends for us and then attend an orientation on how to shoot them into your body. Fun times. Next available appointment: March 30. If we weren't taking next cycle off, we'd be slightly screwed now, wouldn't we? Luckily I think we'll be able to manage by having a little phone chat and just attending the orientation ourselves. And then there's the cost..I'm not talking about that right now and insist on not talking about it until we actually reach that phase--which will be never, because this cycle is going to be it.


Sara said...

We're pulling for you! I hope you get Sisal and a success all in the same month!

j said...

Nice color switch. That turquoise would probably drive me batty.

Co said...

I so hope the injectibles step is unnecessary. Best to you sugar-cookie-bakers.

Urit said...

This is great info to know.