Friday, April 20, 2007

Commence IUI #7

The deed is done. It happened this morning. I can't post a long, detailed post because C.'s mom is in town and that's rude. But a quick update...necessary. It was relatively painless at the office, but an hour after, starting in the grocery store parking lot, I got the WORST cramps. I cramped constantly for about and hour and a half. It was really painful - severe cramping. Has that ever happened to anyone? Is there still a chance this could work? I like of to think of the sperm in the uterus dancing around banging into the walls because they're so excited to be here. But I'm worried that the sperm got in there and said, "Woh, I heard she's a lesbian, let's get the hell out of here!"


Co said...

I'm sure you know that cramping after an IUI is not uncommon. I'm not sure about severe cramps, but I doubt it's hurting your chances any.

Fingers crossed for lucky number seven!

SaraS-P said...

I got mild cramps after my last IUI. I have read other women's description of more severe cramping. It is pretty common, I understand.

Good luck with this one!

nycphoenix said...

praying for you

Sara said...

What drugs were you on? I had the worst cramping this past cycle after doing the follistim. My dr. said it was probably ovulation that was painful. She assured us that it did not affect our chances of achieving pregnancy.

Melody said...

I've had bad cramps after IUI two times-- once when we got a particularly large sample (how a sperm bank let that happen, I'll never know) and during my first (to-date only) injectables cycle, when I'm pretty sure it was ovulation pain.

I doubt it's anything to worry about.

Good luck on this cycle!

Keri said...

No matter what the sperm is thinking...hold them tightly! You can discipline them later for the early cramping.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I went thru all this sort of stuff 8 years ago, so maybe things have changed with tests and procedures...but when the cramping happened to me, I later developed the Hyperstimulation syndrome and almost had to be hospitalized. It was my 10th try, though. (also unsuccessful)---
FYI, we 'gave up' and later adopted. I'm as happy as can be AND I know I won't beat myself up when I'm 50 for not ever trying to conceive...doesn't mean I can't mother.

Anonymous said...

An infertility expert Doctor told me once, when I had SUCH bad cramps I thought something had actually ruptured inside of me....that when they wash the sperm something is left behind.....nothing that can effect the possibility of you getting pregnant. It only happened once THANK GOD !

Good luck.