Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Pokey little puppies

Looks like we're on the slow boat this month, not the express train. S.'s follicles, while still numbering more than 1, are growing very, verrrrry slowly. I think the biggest one right now, from Thursday to Monday, grew from 10 to 14 mm. Hmmm...the u/s tech told us to come back Thursday, which is so ridiculous because we have to go there on Wednesday for injectible meds. orientation. And I assume we'll also be back Friday or Saturday for the insem. That's just way more days than I'd like to spend at the hospital.

In other unrelated news...this rain is just ridiculous. We honestly thought the "brook" behind our house was going to bust up over the bank and flood our house. The brook looked more like a gushing white-water rapids yesterday. We were afraid to let Ringo, our doggy, out back too far for fear he'd get swept away! Ahh! Luckily the Westfield River has seemed to recede some, enough that we're not afraid that our house is going to get washed out. Fun vacation times!


vee said...

My daddy always said that you can't rush a good thing. Shame about all that time at the hospital though.

Co said...

Sorry things are going so slowly. Hopefully they'll pick up soon.

And sorry about spending so much time at the hospital.

SaraS-P said...

Grow, follies, grow!

Lo said...

As my daddy always says, Slow and steady wins the race. (I can't believe two daddies are being quoted here, but mine really still says that to me.)