Thursday, April 12, 2007

U/S update

Took a gander at my follies this morning. They are small - all about 10mm - but there are 3 on the left and 1 on the right. I've decided to take this as good news. Small, yes, but the amount is a big improvement. Now, no way to know right now if they will all keep growing at the same pace, but it's a good start. It's different than the past - and at this stage in the game, different is good. Let's do a recap:
1st try at R.E.(Clomid)-day 12, 1 follicle 25mm, triggered at office, insem 24 hours later
2nd try at R.E(Clomid)-day 11, 2 follicles 15mm, triggered days later, insem 36 hours later
TODAY(Clomid) - day 11, 4 follicles 10mm, going for another ultrasound Monday AM....

Weird, but there is a pattern there. Slower growing follicles, but more of them. Any similar experiences - particularly good ones?

What this also means is that I will be able to head into the city this weekend! Yeah! We've been feeling the need to get out of the cold wet country. Drink some wine (I know, tsk..tsk), plan our trip to Alaska with friends, and celebrate a friends 30th!


e. said...

drink wine- it's good!

when are you going to alaska? and where in AK? A and I went several summers ago - it was the most beautiful trip we'd been on. happy to share spots of interest!

CD & SP said...

S. had a bad white-wine experience several weeks ago, starting at Osaka and ending at Tunnel Bar. Don't ask...I hope she's back on the wine bandwagon again! we're going several places in AK---a wedding in Anchorage, then north to Denali, south to Seward and Homer. Yippee!

Sara said...

4 potential follies = 4 potential targets! grow follies grow!

Erin said...

wine works!

lots of follies, yeah! I don't know anything about rate of growth and number. S only gets about one in each ovary ever....sorry.

SaraS-P said...

I still can't get a handle on what is "good" for follicle growth, but I hope things go well for you!

e. said... martini at the tunnel bar is all i need! :)

we hit all those spots except homer (but did make it to fairbanks to visit family). denali was amazing! we did the 6 hour tour and i highly reccomend the resturant "229 Parks" on the Park Road, it's the only "healthy" food we found, and the ambiance is really nice. in seward we took the keni fijord boat tour and saw amazing wild life as well as a huge glacier. it's a pricey tour, but soooo worth it!

the nature in the whole state is just breath taking.

Laura D. said...

WHAT??? You're in the city this weekend??? I'm going to be there but only for tomorrow...maybe we could do dinner??