Monday, April 02, 2007


We waited for over a half an hour in our R.E.'s office on Friday--an auspicious beginning. What resulted from the meeting wasn't half-bad, though. Confirmation that in all likelihood, S.'s ovaries and uterus are completely normal and that we've just been unlucky. Further confirmation that we have to do 12 in-office, under-meds inseminations for insurance coverage to kick in. And, the big blow, a confirmation of how much injectible meds are going to cost us. Let's just say it's a lot. And that we'll be spending about $500 more per cycle now.

Well, starting in May, actually...and May represents the one-year anniversary of us trying to get pregnant. So, for our May cycle, after we've ordered the drugs and we've taken the class on how to shoot ourselves up, off we go. Looks like this month we're just going to do another Clomid cycle and hope for the best.

I really hope this is it--because the thought of doing this 6 more times with a doctor, another HALF A YEAR, seems gruelling and mentally impossible at this point. You know, as if the insurance company has any freaking right to tell us that home inseminations don't count. What about straight couples who can just saunter into a doc's office and tell them they've been trying for a year?? So not fair.

On the upside of things, it finally felt like Spring this weekend. If you want to see something funny, check out S. vacuuming our lawn!


SaraS-P said...

I was quite shocked at the cost of injectibles too. It's insane! I don't even have any IUI coverage, so it is just ridiculous.

I am sorry the insurance dimwits don't count home insems. That really blows.

Good luck with the injectibles!

Sara said...

baby-making is not a cost-effective undertaking, that's for sure! Thanks for the laugh w/ the vacuum!!

Co said...

Wow! You have to take a class to learn to do injectibles? I had a 5 minute training session with the nurse and that was it.

You are so right that it sucks that home insems don't count if you're not straight. It is so grueling. You shouldn't have to invest that much money and time before insurance kicks in.

Hang in there. I hope this next cycle works for you and that will be IT.

Holly said...

Love the vacuum video!
Sorry that this whole TTC process is beyond ridiculous. We did everything out of pocket and have a huge Discover card bill and zero savings left.

Holly said...

LOL, the english language is escaping me today.

The picture of the vacuuming, not the video. That's what I meant.

Jude said...

Hopefully injectibles will do the trick for you and you won't have to go the full 6 cycles! Our third injectibles cycle did the trick (although the second was a bust and we shouldn't have wasted the sperm).

I got around the MA insurance crap by telling them that I tried to conceive unsuccessfully with a male partner in my past. It sucks that we have to defend ourselves to get the coverage we deserve and pay for, but there ya go.

Good luck!

p.s. Will your RE sign off on your home insems? Then you could count them.

Laura D. said...

The idea of learning how to shove a needle in your butt is hilarious to me. Fingers are always crossed...and I love you guys!

Keri said...

The mowing vacuum is hilarious. I wonder who was watching!

May is a great month for babies! We'll be doing IVF - so many, many injections. But it'll be worth it!