Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Tale of Three Mamas

Things have been..well..quiet and boring over here for the most part, aside from S. peeing every five minutes and blowing through rolls of toilet paper like you wouldn't believe! Now into our 2nd trimester, I think we've been conservative in expressing our joy and anticipation of being pregnant because we hadn't yet heard the heartbeat. Well, we're supposed to hear it at our midwife's appointment tomorrow, but thanks to living in New England, we're getting a snow storm that will most likely cancel school and close all businesses. Ack! And it's not all that easy to reschedule here. I think we're going to have to beg and cry to get another after-school appointment for sometime relatively soon!

In the meantime, we've been trolling Cr*igslist like insane women looking for things we want but feel foolish registering for, like really expen
sive strollers and whatnot. Our family just makes fun of us too much so we're buying what we really want ourselves. Over the course of yesterday, we made three purchases from three very different kind of mothers. Just thought it would be interesting to compare:

Mother 1:

Purchased this lovely stroller from her.

Got a heck of a deal on this gorgeous P@g-Perego stroller. At first, we felt weird about purchasing a stroller another baby had used a lot, but this woman had a self-proclaimed "stroller fetish" and owned about 5 or 6 really expensive ones. It was hardly used, and there's not a scratch on the thing. It looks brand new. You could tell this woman liked to shop. She also had about 5 cars in her driveway.

Mother 2:

By far the most down-to-earth mama and the one we could relate the most to. We bought 10 infant cloth diapers from her and she was really sweet and said she'd call us in the future as her b
abies grew out of stuff. Really, really nice, and she even threw in a free pair of infant pants! (Her son grew out of infant stuff too fast.)

Mother 3:

We purchased a mini co-sleeper and a Baby Bj*rn from her. She lived in campus housing at a local college and we had to call and e-mail her about 5 times to get her to agree on a time to meet. When I called again yesterday morning, she sounded half asleep or stoned or something and asked if we could come by later on in the afternoon. Really, lady--we're paying you $100--the least you could do is be a little accommodating! When she came out of her dorm (she only wanted to meet us in the parking lot), she looked like a wacko. That's all I'll say. We were glad to get out of there.

It was interesting to see the completely different mamas in our area yesterday. They all obviously had things we wanted to buy, but oh my lord--if you ever had a meeting with all three of them, I think something interesting could happen. Is this what a mommy's group is like???


Lo said...

Yay on the craigslisting. The obsession served me well!

Hope you can get a heartbeat appointment soon...

Marcy "meg" said...

Looks like you got some sweet deals!

oneofhismoms said...

Nice stroller! PLEASE register for pricey stuff. Do it. You won't believe what people will actually buy. We went skimpy on most of the stuff, but registered for the most expensive carseat. Someone actually bought it for us. Then I wished I had asked for some other nicer stuff. Isn't the second trimester way better?

Would you guys email me your due date? I just want to see if we have the same one. I apologize if you already told me. I've lost some braincells in the last three months!

Sara said...

We're Cra.ig's List wh*res too! Way to go!

Anonymous said...

how exciting to be buying the fun stuff! I hope you're feeling good

-sarah p.

beans said...

I agree-nice finds! We love Craigslist and have gotten many things from there-as well as sold some things.

Hope the snow wasn't too bad. I waited up all night for our snow which they SWORE up and down was coming-and it never came :(

Poltzie said...

Oh I have the peg perego in mint too and I also can't wait to have a baby to pop into it! Have you two pushed it around yet??
It's funny how excited you get about baby stuff when you are pregnant hey!
ps. congrats on the heartbeat - isn't it amazing :)