Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Big Boy

This is a kid we were worrying wasn't gaining enough? Yikes.
He officially weighs in at 13.6 - 90th percentile. 
His height is 23 1/2 - 75th percentile.
Head circumference is 40cm - 50th percentile.
Cuteness is 100th percentile.

My mom purports that 13lbs. is the magic number. The amount they weigh when they calm down, stop crying and relax into being a sweet baby. Maybe we're getting there. Maybe. It's hard to tell with him. Just as I think things are getting easier, he has a crappy day. So, no promises, but I think we're still headed in the right direction. As we speak, he's hanging out on my bed just talking to himself. 


Anonymous said...

Ah! So cute!

Rachel said...

Your little guy is adorable! I know what you mean about those big boys, my little man is now 5 months old and pushing 20lbs. My arms get so tired hauling all that baby around!

Amanda said...

that is so fantastic....

Hooray for big, healthy babies!

Dange said...

So Happy for you!!!!

Co said...

Hurray for great news.

I was told they mellow out a bit once they reach double their birth weights. But who knows? I think some babes are cranky sometimes. Whatcha gonna do about it?

Glad you got reassuring stats. Nice to know they're thriving, isn't it?