Tuesday, October 21, 2008

the difference a year can make

A year ago today, Theo was an 8-cell top-grade embryo being placed inside my uterus. Thankfully, he burrowed in nicely, stayed warm and cozy for 9 months before arriving to turn our world upside-down. It's hard to imagine a time without Theo. I mean, I remember it and sometimes I miss it, but I couldn't imagine tomorrow without him. You know? 

He's three months old tomorrow. Seriously. Last year I had an 8-cell embryo that I was hoping would stick around and this year I have a three month old. I wish I could tell the last year S. to relax - next year you'll be crazy in an entirely different way. 



Selmada said...

What a wonderful anniversary. Such an imspiring story. Enjoy your little boy.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I do know.

Happy monthaversary Theo and moms!