Friday, October 10, 2008

It's National Coming Out Day tomorrow, although I now understand that when you have a child together, you and your same-sex partner must come out in one way or another pretty much every day. I'm running the Gay-Straight Alliance at my school while my good friend and co-worker is on maternity leave (she and her wife had their son in the beginning of Sept.), and we celebrated today by having the kids pass out rainbow ribbons to everyone--and I mean everyone. These kids were undaunted, giving them out to students, teachers, paraprofessionals, staff, and administrators. And, I'm happy to report--most of the adults wore them.

We did have one incident where a teacher (yes, another "educator") told a student, when asked if she'd like a ribbon: "No. I don't believe that should be promoted at school." I have informed my friendly Title IX coordinator and I believe they've had a little chat about that already.

I was so proud of my kids--one even got on the morning announcements (which is on camera, mind you) and said "I'm Gay!" and proceeded to talk about how much casual insults can really hurt. He told me later that when he returned to his class, they gave him a standing ovation.

Making tiny ripples in the system makes me happy.

So does this!

7 comments: said...

I remember those days -- every school year coming out to a new batch of teachers -- then principals ... you name it.

Glad that's over! :)

Yay us in Connecticut! :)

Can't wait to marry the wife.

Again. ;)

Sarah said...

I too am a teacher and today our school is hosting the statewide GSA conference - it's awesome to see . The school I'm at is in general very queer-friendly, but most of our queer kids still aren't very out. It's really inspiring that your GSA members feel that safe!

Anonymous said...

That gave me shivers. How brave of your student - good for him!

This Mom said...

Yay Connecticut!!!

Anonymous said...

that is so awesome!!! and hip hip hooray for CT!

Anonymous said...

What a great kid. (What a great school!)

In the midst of all our celebrating, Connecticut style, I didn't realize that today is National Coming Out Day. How befitting!

beans said...

That's really awesome! I am so glad kids these days have GSA to help them navigate through those times, and get support.

Good for you and your team!

We could be happy in conn . . .?!