Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Change #1
I'm learning how to become a stay-at-home-mom. In the last few days we have gone to infant massage class (not relaxing), gone for a walk with a parents group I've joined, and had an adult- with-child playdate with friends we made in birthing class. We've entered a whole new world. Strange. But comforting. 3 weeks left - I still want to go back to work.

Change #2
I think Theo may finally be rejecting my slow, low-supply breasts. We've had an OK time with our breastfeeding/formula-feeding routine. He gets both. First the boobs - then a 4oz. bottle. Nutrition and comfort, followed by sustenance. In the last week he just pulls off from the boob, sometimes he cries or screams. I don't want to force it but...I want to force it. Not quite ready to give it up. My goal was 3 months and we made it to that, but now I want to make it to 6 months. Lofty, huh? I've really given this breastfeeding thing my all - it's still a disapointment to me but I feel like I overcame it.  Any hints on how to keep him going? I do have some frozen to give in a bottle for the next month or two.

Change #3
The season. It's beautiful here right now. Here he is 'enjoying' it. 


aspiring baker said...

On the breastfeeding thing -- my baby (who's 3 1/2 months) has been slow to gain weight, and here's what I've tried:

- taking 6000 mg of fenugreek per day. This seems to have improved my supply.
- feeding on both sides each time instead of just one, as I did previously
- pumping after feedings as much as possible. I find I have good luck with this in the evenings, after I put the baby to bed and I'm staying up, and in the middle of the night after I feed him. (Though this is NOT helping me sleep.) Your milk supply increases at night and in the early morning, I'm told.
- eating oatmeal.
- breast compression and massage to improve milk supply and let-down.

I've also got an SNS system I haven't tried yet, but that would be good to both give him sustenance (whether it's formula or milk from a bottle) and breast stimulation for you at the same time.

Also: a lactation consultant suggested that I have my thyroid checked, as she said some women's TSH levels can go haywire after pregnancy. She seemed to think that could be linked to my lower milk supply. At the moment, though, between the fenugreek and the extra pumping, I seem to have enough milk both for the baby and to freeze some extra before I go back to work.

Best of luck! You are the only person who can decide what's right for you and your baby... Mine, by the way, now won't nurse if we're watching TV; he gets too distracted. Oh well.

S. said...

done, done and done. Nothing is increasing this supply. Just want to keep him going as is.

Anonymous said...

I might just pop in steal that baby Theo.

Marcy "meg" said...

Love the picture. I made it breastfeeding 8 weeks pretty much for the reasons you are explaining. I cried for 3 days when I had to stop. It just wasn't working as well and I didn't want to get all frustrated. Plus I had to take meds for my kidneys and was getting uncomfortable about all of that. It was so hard at first to stop, but he is doing well on formula and I feel like I did get 8 important weeks in.

Good luck with your decision!

Laura said...

God, he's just the cutest thing. When can I come visit and see that beautiful old-man face? Mike said the other day that he hopes we have a son that can make that face. He thinks it's the best and I agree!

Anonymous said...

I don't think he's rejecting the breast. I think it is developmental. I only say this because he and Trucker are due-date buddies and Trucker is doing the same thing. Yelling at the boob. Pulling off the boob. It didn't even occur to me that he's rejecting the breast. I think they are both just getting more easily-distracted. They are noticing more of the world.

Travelher and Pufferfish said...

OK, I have no suggestions for breast feeding. But that baby is freaking ADORABLE!!! Love that photo.

DANGE said...

Thanks so much for sharing everything on your site. My wife and I are TTC this cycle. Can't wait. Excited, scared all at the same time.

Heather said...

how cute is he! He looks like he is so comfy in those leaves! On the breastfeeding stuff I can't help...lol

ohchicken said...


makes me miss living in the northeast, where there are leaves in which to pose babies. i don't think posing jude in some dry, dead grass would be quite as cute.

ladykay said...

Hi, wandered in from another site, but I read your breastfeeding question...

One thought, sucking from a bottle tends to be less work than sucking from the breast, sometimes as the breast is flowing less freely (after the first flow of letdown) they want to switch over to the "easy way."

I understand your concerns about getting enough in him, but the more sucking needs that could be met at the breast, the more milk you are likely to make.

One alternative to a bottle would be to introduce a sippy cup to get any supplementary formula in, but encouraging nursing for sucking needs. He is on the young side, but I think I introduced a cup around four months with mine.

Good luck.