Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Yeah right, mom!

Just to throw my last post back in my face, I'm sure, Theo has decided to be a fuss bucket at unusual times--including 4 in the a.m. I can only guess that teeth are coming. Poor dude! Poor mommies!

I'm sure he did that just to remind me that babies are unpredictable in every imaginable way.

What teeth gel, if any, did you guys use when your little ones started teething? We bought this "100% natural" homeopathic stuff only to find that there is parabens in it. We're looking for something a bit less...icky. Any suggestions? 


Anabelle said...

cloves have a numbing effect.. and they suggest chewing on a whole clove to sooth tooth aches... maybe ground up clove paste?

sn said...

by day, our daughter loves gnawing on raw carrots and cool metal--spoons, jar lids. by night, we've resorted to baby tylenol. i don't love doing it, but when she keeps waking up, and she's not nursing, it really helps.

Amanda said...

HYLAND'S teething tablets. They are miraculous.
We always tried to keep to the homeopathic remedies...
but sometimes he was in such pain, we had to give him some tylenol or some baby oragel - both really did the trick. ice-ring teethers were also great.

ah...I don't miss those days.
Poor Little Theo! :(

Amanda said...


oneofhismoms said...

I third the Hyland's tablet recommendation. Along with giving him a frozen bagel to suck on. And if you are not against it, tylenol really is the only thing that takes the pain away. I may not be the biggest fan of pain relievers, but I am when it comes to making my baby stop writhing and screaming. Yuppers.

Team Serrins Springfield said...

Make me a fourth on the hylands recommendation. Our son really liked the tablets and would take them well but our daughter likes the gel better.

Our daughter likes us to put a piece of ice in one of those little safe-baby things (like a net on a plastic ring so they can't choke).

ohchicken said...

we've resorted to a combo of little teethers gel, ty.lenol, and teething tablets. oh, and many frozen things to chew upon.

haven't tried the bagel yet! good idea oohm!

i feel your pain. we are in the midst of teething hell ourselves.

Anonymous said...

we didn't use any gels. sometimes we'd use motrin. but then i heard about amber teething necklaces (google "insdipred by finn"). i swear it worked. he wore it 24/7 while getting his last two teeth and didn't need any motrin.

the amber heats up against the body and releases something that helps them work through the pain.