Monday, March 02, 2009

Random Ramblings

My kid still amazingly still has no teeth. No sign whatsoever except all the drooling. But I suppose we should be happy that we don't have that awful poor teething sad cry going on quite yet.

Theo is loving food--we had to put blueberries on hiatus for now because they are ridiculously messy and stain stuff (duh!), so we've moved on to pears. Yummy, juicy, clear pears.

We occasionally watch random vintage Sesame Street clips on YouTube (prompted by my spontaneously remembering all of the words to  song I haven't heard in 25 years-it's an odd talent I have), and found this one surprising. I guess I always knew that Sesame Street's thing was to be inclusive and appreciate diversity, but when I heard the girl sing "I've got one daddy, I've got two" I almost dropped to the floor. And the best part is, I knew all the words to that song as a kid and it never registered as strange or stood out to me, ever. 

Gotta love Sesame Street. Damn liberal left-wing media agenda!!


Jude said...

I have always liked that particular song (We all sing in the same voice), but even though I applaud the diversity of Sesame Street, I'm willing to bet a million dollars that I don't have that the song is referring to a bio dad and a step dad. :)

Still, I love the vintage Sesame on youtube, especially for things like "What's the name of that song?" However, your child will turn into a youtube junkie. I promise.

Lo said...

It saddens me to say that I think Jude is right, but I still love classic Sesame Street to death for its embrace of diversity and 70s fashion. In my fantasy, J. only watches Sesame Street Old Skool and asks me, "Mama, who is that red Muppet that looks like Grover?"

Re: teeth: J got his first at eleven months. He is now 14.5 months, and his peers have mouthfuls of 16 teeth. He is working on #5.

CD and SP said...

ahh yes, i know it's true, i just never wanted to admit it to myself...yesterday's divorced families are today's gay's families, though, so maybe someday (yeah right) there will be a gay families song. oh wait, they tried that on public television didn't they...oh well...

T said...

chickens really do rock!! thanks for the comment. if you didnt live so far away i would offer you some fresh eggs....we have too many in the fridge right now.

thanks for the TTC well wishes.