Wednesday, December 09, 2009


I've been brewing up this post since the weekend, but got distracted/overwhelmed/annoyed to tears by Sears. Yes, Sears - google it, see if I care. Sears has been so disappointing. We ordered a fancy-pants washer/dryer - they sent it vented incorrectly and were unwilling to cooperate by scheduling a convenient time for the second delivery. So, diapers dirty since Sat., 1 hour 20 minutes on the phone, and it better get delivered tonight or it's all going back. Never again, Sears.


Speaking of annoying... baby showers! Why do we women do this to ourselves and pretend to like it. All showers. No, yours was not any better. I love the camaraderie of women, I really do. I enjoy a nice meal. I get that we all need the "stuff". I love your baby. I love you. What I hate is the sitting, the chit-chat, the reading of the cards and special notes, the games, watching someone open gifts, and ooh-and-ahhing for 4 hours on a weekend, when all I want to do is be home, getting things done and spending time with Theo.
I have a great solution! Happy-hour shower! It's a block of time, you come in, chat, leave your gift, have a conversation with the mommy-to-be, she can even open your present if that's your fancy. Food? Yes. Drinks? Yes. Presents? Yes. And you stay or leave whenever you like. Good, right? We need to band together women of the world and revolt!!!

Update: Sears brought us the dryer but gave us the wrong cord and just left. Ahhhhhh.


Megan said...

LOVE your idea of a shower!!!!!!

Jennifer said...

You know, we had issues too. We had to order a dual-fuel stove and they forgot to send the connection kit. They tried to make it seem like our fault, but we told them that we ordered it. So we had no stove that weekend while they sent the kit. Of course the store didn't have it. It took a week to come. But we spent so much time on the phone and even stopped in the store in Hadley. Ugh.

nutella said...

Sorry, but I actually like some showers. Yes, even the ones where I'm not the honoree. But your idea sounds fun, too.

Boo on Sears!

Laura said...

I've been to some fun showers, but I HATE HATE HATE the games, and definitely dislike the sitting around. Plus anything that involves cocktails is cool with me. You give me ideas for the future...hee hee. :)

oneofhismoms said...

There's just the unfortunate problem of pregnant mom not being able to partake in the drinks. In a bar. Which would suck for her. But it sounds fun for everyone else.

beans said...

love your post!