Monday, December 14, 2009

Sicks Kiddos and Holiday Hell

I'm reading a lot of posts lately about sick bebes, and just to throw one more into the mix, Theo has some kind of massive bug going on. Saturday night, during a birthday party, the kid For those of you who know Theo, this a sign that something is seriously wrong. He felt really hot so we took his temp and it was 103.something. Whoa. Now the house was crowded, and he and his buddy N., who is 4 months older, had been running around the house chasing each other all day long in joyful, screaming glee, but still. We T.ylenoled him up but a few hours later, he was still blazing hot.

Yesterday his temp actually got up to 104.3. Yikes.

Our ped. says it is probably the oink.oink.flu. Or, since the seasonal flu is just about peaking around these parts, that. He's on Tama.flu and lots of T.ylenol and M.otrin which is working to lower his fever to the 99-102 range. Definitely less scary than 104. Fortunately he's eating and drinking okay now and (knock on lots of wood right now) sleeping through the night. With a family holiday party this weekend and last-minute shopping and holiday meal preparation, we are hoping this virus passes quickly so we can drag him through what will be a crazy next week and a half or so.


Lo said...

Feel better, Theo!

Laura said...

Get better, Theodoro! We have some partying to do, my man!

Anonymous said...

This is PURELY anecdotal but worth sharing. In October, 20 out of 24 of my students had the oink oink flu...and I got it too. One one day, 19 were absent and, of the 5 remaining, 2 were newly back and one got sick the next day. Anyway, SEVERAL parents independently reported to me that their child's fever shot up to 104 just after they gave Mo.trin. I don't know if little T. hit 104 after Motrin and I have never read or seen anything that says this is an issue... but really, about 7 different parents mentioned that to me so I thought it was worth mentioning. The didn't seem to have the same response to other meds. Anyway, thought I'd mention it. Hang in there.

Candi said...

Hope he gets better soon!!!

Heather said...

I hope Theo feels better! Just keep giving him Motrin & Tylenol switching back and fourth to get and keep that fever down.

I hope that he starts to feel better before the holidays, and everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Strawberry said...

Yikes! Scary...glad the fever is down now and hope he recovers soon!