Thursday, December 31, 2009

Insane Decade

I've been thinking back a lot on the past 10 years. I went from a 20-year-old college student to a 30-year-old mother with a wife, house, and steady job. For ha-has, here's a list of random assorted facts, figures and events from the past 10 years.

In the last 10 years, I went from: age 20 to age 30.

I lived in: 2 dormitories, 5 apartments, and 1 house in 2 different countries and 2 different states with a total of 13 different roommates

For school, I: graduated college and then, 3 years or so later, from grad school

Had: 3 different jobs and 2 different careers

Dated: really only a handful of people, one of whom I'm married to now

Gained: 10-15 pounds

Saw: the Twin Towers in flames down the street, the first Black president, the birth of my son, the legalization of gay marriage in many places, and myself commit to someone forever

There's a whole lot more that happened, obviously, but those are some of the major events of my whirlwind decade. Most of those things happened within the first 5 years of the last decade, with the past 4 years being incredibly steady and the same (except for that whole wife giving birth thing). What a strange transformation 20 to 30 is! I'm mostly happy to be putting the tumult of my early 20's behind me for good and looking forward to what 30 plus has in store.

May your New Year's Eves be special and meaningful--even if it's just you hanging around the house with those you love most. That's what I'll be doing tonight-thankfully and blessedly ringing in the next 10 years of insanity.


Sara I said...

Best wishes for a healthy and happy 2010, S., C. and T. Hope that you guys have fun tonight. L. is sick so we'll be spending it at home, probably going to bed before the ball drops. I'll call you this weekend to catch up. It has been way too long!!!

Jennifer said...

Here here! Happy new year! What a great decade...doesn't it make you wonder what is in store for the next ten years?!

Keely said...

10 years, 9 apartments, 8 pets, 7 lovers (give or take), 6 pounds, 5 jobs, 4 unconventional piercings, 3 broken bones, 2 marriages, 1 IUI.

(All true!) Looking forward to more craziness to come!

Keely said...

oops- how rude of me! I meant to wish you all a fabulous next decade. In your next decaversary post, Theo will be an adolescent!

CD and SP said...

Nooooo! i will never parent a teenager!