Saturday, September 09, 2006

Busy, busy, in a tizzy...

Hurry, hurry, hurry, 'till it's done! We've been working our little arses off to get our house in ship-shape for a housewarming party we had today, hence the lack of posts. The party is finally over, thank you lord, but we had a great time. I'm just glad I won't be staying up until 1 in the a.m. to hang pictures and clean the house. That sucked.

You know what else sucks? Our fertility monitor. It's so not working like it's supposed to. Instead of asking us for a test stick on day 6, like it's supposed to, it displayed the brush and exclamation point symbol, which means you have to clean the place where you stick the pee stick in. Now, this is a brand new fertility monitor, supposedly--we did actually remove it from the plastic and have to set it up and everything, so we know it's new--so what the heck is the problem? There is no urine to cake the reader. We haven't had a chance to cake up the reader with our urine because it won't ask us for a freaking pee stick! I called the lovely folks at the manufacturer three days in a row, and finally they just decided to send me a Fed-Ex mailer to send it to them, where they'll either fix the problem or send us a new one. Sweet! At least we'll get our money's worth eventually, but looks like we're out for this cycle. Back to predicting ovulation the old-fashioned way--through cervical mucus, temperature, cervix gazing, and OPKs. So much for technology!

I'd like to use this chance to give a shout-out to two very important boys in our life--two high school friends of mine who have been excellent moral supporters of myself and S. and our road to babymaking. Danny, my buddy in Minneapolis, has been reading our blog and enjoying reading about S.'s cervix. (Well, probably not since Danny is gay--I'm not outing you Dan, am I? Ha ha..) And then there's Chris, who I'm sort of related to as a cousin thrice removed through marriage, and whose family owns a pharmacy in Waltham, MA (incidentally, that's where the stupid Clear Blue Easy corporation is!). The pharmacy has gone au naturale recently, and he's sent S. some lovely women's wellness pills with all the good fertility herbs in them. He's also our hook-up for the syringes we'll use for insem. this cycle. Thanks, boys! (And we thought men were only good for their sperm!)


Anonymous said...

Hey sorry to hear the monitor is having problems. I have never had problems with mine, and I love it. Once you get it working, you will love it too.

beans said...

I am always amazed when I think about the things we need to do and go through to have kids.

I know it sucks when things don't go right. Hopefully they will have you up and running again soon. Hang in there--

PS-do you watch friends-when chandler was out of work and he and joey was checking to see if he was ovulating. I just about peed my pants-