Friday, September 15, 2006

Where, oh where has my little cervix gone...

I would make a lousy gynocologist.

Not only do I not know the plural of cervix, I can't find it either. Where is this thing? I see mounds of flesh with leaky stuff. It must be around there somewhere, right? Maybe S. is just ovulating later and later these days, preventing me from seeing the open os. Perhaps the speculum isn't big enough. Or, I just suck. I don't know what my problem is, but I just can't seem to say with enough confidence, "I found it! I've got the golden ticket!"

This is frustrating for a number of reasons, but mostly because we're inseminating within the next 7 days. A tank of sperm is flying somewhere in a FedEx plane over our fair country on its way to my front porch by tomorrow morning. I have syringes in the waiting . What I don't have is the cervix. You've noticed most of my posts have been centered around this organ (is it an organ?). It's because I'm obsessed with it because I can't find it (or at least positively identify it). Jeesh. If I'd have know this would be the tricky part about the insem., and not the logistical end of it (which used to be the hardest part), I would have stuck to doing it in the dr.'s office.

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beans said...

DP and I got a speculum a while back and when we went searcing for cervices, it wasn't fun. We couldn't find them, and then unfortunately I am somewhat sqeamish-not a good thing when I am the one that needs to be looking and noticing changes. It is a lot of pressure. We took pictures-with the digital so we could erase-so we wouldn't forget.

Hoping everything goes well-