Monday, September 25, 2006

Animal Woes

Well, I know that it's nothing compared to what Marta and Eileen are going through with their pets over at mom-n-mama, but we're having some animal issues of our own over here in babymaking town. S, our friend Rose, and I came home Saturday evening from the Big E (which kicks butt, and if anyone is ever around during the Big E they should go, because it's the best county fair ever, except for the one on the Vineyard). Anyway, so we get home, go upstairs, and I notice there's a little yellow circle on the carpet. I reach down to touch---wet. I smell--definitely pee pee. I call to S., who is standing in the doorway of our "nursery" in front of a ring of cat poop. A ring of fresh cat poop. Um, eww.

So, our cat is pissed off at us, clearly. Either she hates her litter (probably not--she's not that picky except that she hates crystals) or she hates us (way more likely). See, ever since Ringo the doggy love muffin came into our lives, we admit we've been showing her less attention and affection. But we still love her and she does come and sleep on the bed with us (when Ringo doesn't chase her off--oh jeez).

Then, we made the mistake of taking all of the "forbidden toys" out of storage at S.'s parent's house and giving them to Ringo all at once. A "forbidden toy," in case you were wondering, is a toy that Ringo can't handle sharing or having. He won't leave its side to do anything (eat, sleep, pee), and if you go near him while he has it, he growls or barks at you and starts shaking uncontrollably. As I type, he's downstairs guarding all 3 of his forbidden toys (a bird, a sheep, and a little fuzzy round thing that squeaks). He's been there since last night. He won't move. He hasn't eaten. He's barely gone outside for more than 1 minute to go to the bathroom.

So why are we letting him have these? The theory goes that if we just leave him alone, he'll get over it and realize we're not going to take his toys away and he won't be possessive over them anymore. He's proving our theory wrong, of course, but we want to have faith in this little guy, because what happens when he claims our baby's toy as his own and won't give it back? He's never snapped at us, but you never know what he's apt to do around someone more his size, at his level--a kid may seem more intimidating to him. So--you can see why we're attempting to work out this problem.

We also have a mouse stalking our kitchen. Luna is guarding the refrigerator like it's Buckingham Palace waiting for that sucker to make an appearance, but he hasn't yet been so bold. Yes, I am setting down a mouse trap, the clap-trap kind, and I don't care what you think about me!

On the cheerful side of things, I called the ClearBlue corporation today and they completely replaced, free of charge, our minitor--and it's on its way back to us just in time for S.'s next cycle to begin in a few days (providing our last home insem didn't work). Phew!


J said...

I'm so happy that I'm going to the Big E this weekend!!!!!!!

I miss living there a lot, one of the big reasons is the big E. Seriously.

vee said...

Hey, if you don't need that monitor after all (and I'm really hoping you don't), can I get first dibs on buying it off you?? Pretty please?

Laura D. said...

We introduced Buddy and Louie to Brooklyn, tonight. I was pulling kittens out from underneath heaters and couches all night long.

CD & SP said...

oh, poor kitties! and i bet brooklyn is so super-excited to have some friends to play with!