Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Cervix slacker

I'm a cervix-slacker. I should have been looking at S.'s cervix ever since her period was over, but I haven't. We just haven't had any time to do anything except work, work, work. Tonight, I did not bring home any papers to grade. I will read the prologue to Canterbury Tales, write my lesson for tomorrow, and gaze deeply and lovingly into what I think is S.'s cervix and see what's up. We got our syringes today from Chris (hooray!) so it's kind of just hit me that--hello--we have some inseminations to be doing here, people! Wake up! I think both S. and I have been in a fertili-daze--not really focusing on it, although S. has been good about her temps and charting like a good girl. I think after feeling so frustrated about spending hundreds of dollars on a monitor that doesn't work, we weren't feeling up for the task, but I'm feeling ready to go again. Here's hoping our timing works out for our first cycle sans the HCG shot.


amy said...

Cool, good luck!

beans said...

you should have to do extra credit work-heheh