Wednesday, March 14, 2007

City Dork, Country Dork

I may now officially be a country girl, ahem, nee dork. Know what I'm looking forward to this weekend? The Maple festival. Yes, that's right--March is Massachusetts Maple Month (catch the illiteration?) and on Saturday, it'll be a day of tapping demonstrations, a parade, lots of syrup and other maple goodies for sale, and..I don't really know what else. But doesn't it sound COOL?

That is one of the ONLY good things about March around here--there are so many sugar shacks that start opening up once the sap starts a-flowin', and they're open for breakfast much of the morning and into early afternoon on the weekends. My recommendation is High Hope Sugar Shack, in...hmm, where is that place..somewhere on Rt. 20. Worthington, I believe. Unlimited pancakes, eggs, bacon & sausage served with, of course, their own maple syrup, made on-site. Glorious!

Here's the link for High Hopes. I'm sure you can find some other sugar shacks from the website, too:

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j said...

I LOVE maple sugaring time. I loved it when I lived in Mass, and I love it here too. Usually, Maine Maple Sunday (we start a bit later due to the weather) is on/near my birthday at the end of the month, so we try to get up after our party and go to a breakfast. Yum.