Monday, March 19, 2007

Things to remember: A List

1. Snow gets heavy when it's over 4" high; then you need a snowblower
2. Little dogs get lost in the snow when it's higher than they are
3. People in massachusetts loooove st. patrick's day
4. People in massachusetts loooove beer, a parade, and st. patrick's day
5. Mixing Guiness, Bailey's and Jameson is tasty and bad, all at the same time.


Dis said...

Oh my. That's one serious combination. I feel drrunk just reading it lol

Laura D. said...

Dude...Irish Car Bombs are the best drinks EVER! Please tell me that you drank them at Elizur's...please?

Erin said...

Irish Car Bombs are killers but fun.

CD & SP said...

We weren't crazy enough to go out in Holyoke on St. Patricks day weekend. Elizurs. Just a friends house.