Sunday, March 11, 2007

Housing Authority

When it comes to getting things done around our house, S. is definitely the task master. This past week, we accomplished many-a-project, including painting our bedroom, touching up all the places we accidentally painted the ceiling, and making curtains for our pantry cabinets (which were cabinet door-less). She is amazing! Without her, I wouldn't get anything done. Plus all this running-around house-stuff keeps our mind off the baby-stuff, which is on hold until next month. So, no ttc this month--we meet with Dr. Impossible on the 30th to see what the next step shall be and how much it's going to cost us.

In the meantime, like I mentioned, we're doing stuff around the house and getting psyched up for our garden. This weekend the snow really started melting, so it kicked our desire for spring into super-high gear. We're planning a raised bed-style garden. It'll be our first done all on our own (and it's going to be organic!), so be sure to follow our trials and tribulations over here. That's our house blog called "Those Girls Next Door" which I abandoned after just a few posts due to major stress at work and babymaking and generally adjusting to life in a completely new surrounding. Turned out two blogs was too much for me to deal with, but I think I'm prepared for the responsibility now.

There's pictures there, too.

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