Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Bigger! Better! Faster! More!

According to, here is the definition of motility:
n. ability to move spontaneously and independently

Here is the definition according to the Lesbian TTC Dictionary (which I am writing):
n. the potency and speed at which sperm travels through a catheter into S.'s uterus, increasing our chances of getting preggers

We did some digging and managed to finagle the motility count of our current donor from the sperm bank. Turns out he's at a respectable 41 million. Because we've tried twice with this guy to no avail, we considered switching donors. We decided that whoever had the fastest swimmers would be the lucky one picked. It turned out that our next choice, the new guy, has an average motility of 75 million. 75! That's like two for the price of one compared to our old guy (poor slow swimmer). Plus, this new guy has already achieved a pregnancy, while old guy has not.

So--we're following the numbers and hoping statistics will be on our side. We're switching donors this month to Mr. Speedy-Sperm, and doing two insems. We're very hopeful and Dr. K. is being nice and patient and tolerant of all our craziness, as usual. May the fastest swimmer be our baby daddy!


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