Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Stay Away From Me, Spam!

I am so annoyed right now. So, first off, we're still on vacation in NH and drove all the way to Concord to Quest to get our BHCG test yesterday. Dr. K. called today with the results---"borderline." I guess S.'s levels are a 6, and since 5 is negative, 6 is a little low to be an actual positive. This makes us want to cry. We have to go back to Concord today for another test, and we won't find out until tomorrow morning. By the way, Dr. K. is going to Greece for the next several weeks, starting tomorrow, so don't ask me how we're going to find out the results.

Secondly, we just found out we have COMMENT SPAM! What is up with this?! We were all excited that people were reading our blog, and then we find out that it's someone from a mortgage company and an on-line poker forum. How inappropriate! It's not like we have a gaming blog, or even a house blog. Does anyone else have this problem? And how do you get rid of it?

We're trying to salvage our day by going over to Concord shortly and then climbing a mountain and canoeing/kayaking in the lake later on. Hopefully this will accomplish our vacation goals of being relaxed and being pregnant.


Laura D. said...

Change your comments option so that you have to approve every comment. The spammers will stay away.

*Still crossing fingers*

oz said...

You could also just turn on "word verification." Worked fine for me when I was using blogger. Go to your dashboard -> your blog -> settings -> comments -> show word verification for comments -> yes .