Monday, July 03, 2006

Happy Anniversary Baby!

Yes, we got married on July 4th! I like to think of it as our way of asserting our independance, rather than showing our patriotism. Last year, we had two of the most beautiful days in the summer to celebrate our love with family and friends. It was a bit of a thrown together affair - but it was perfect for us. On the 3rd we had a picnic with lots of family and friends. It involved a mean croquet tournament on a regulation court - of which my brother took very seriously. There were brackets for goodness sake and my parents won - of course! There was good food, good booze, good music, a chocolate fountain and wiffle ball too! It was a glorious day.

The next day we had a smaller gathering of people in the garden of a local park. A local justice of the peace married us in front of 40 of our closest family and friends. It was a beautiful simple ceremony with none of the 'pomp' that doesn't suit us anyhow. One of the funnier moments was when we were ready to start we just turned to the standing crowd, waved our hands around and said "we're ready! are you? pay attention!", for lack of any other start signal. We were so thankful to our friends and family for supporting us. The only person who couldn't find it in his heart to accept it was C.'s dad. Which is sad. He missed a hell of party. Afterward, there was brunch at a local Hotel which was oh so yummy.

And we made it through the year! I couldn't have imagined it better. My baby, my cute squidge doggy and sexy kitty. A house we have put blood sweat and tears into for over a year that is just about ready to move into. A perfect pear tree in the front yard that we planted as our anniversary gift to one another. If this cycle is ours - if I end up pregnant - it would be like the cherry on top. It's almost to good to be true. I love my baby - as she asked Dr. K tonight at our ultrasound about my ovaries and follicles, I was just beaming! Beaming with a dildo-cam up my twat! I've never been so proud.

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Laura D. said...


Mike and I love you and we are so happy for you! Crossing fingers for babies!