Friday, July 28, 2006

Dial Up is Just...

So as you may have guessed, S.'s re-test results were negative. She ended up spotting later the same day as the second test. Of course, we didn't know for sure sure until today--when we called the office. They had no record of the blood test, so it took some detective work, but a nice lady in the office kindly informed up that the test was indeed negative. We're "taking August off," so don't ask me what I'm going to talk about on the blog for the next month, but it will probably involve the hassles of new home ownership and the hunt for a new doctor, which we are not looking forward to. How could anyone compare with Dr. K (even if he didn't manage to knock S. up)?

I'm about to break down and order DSL because dial-up is's just not cutting it for me. Do you notice the lack of posts? It's because of the fear of facing how long it takes for me to boot up the computer and log on. Luckily I've been parked in front of the TV so it sort of distracts me from how incredibly painful this is (the dial-up, I mean!). -- cd


Dis said...

It'll happen for you girls. Maybe a month off is good and then go back next month and grab the good motility guy again.
And yes, splurge for yourself and get DSL or cable internet. It is totally worth it!
Are you also having trouble with you computer taking forever to turn on? You may need to run an "msconfig". If you're not sure how and it is being a bugger loading up, just drop me a line on my blog and I'll tell you how to do it.

CD & SP said...

Thanks! I know nada about computers but will soon be setting up a new desktop that's much, much faster!