Sunday, July 16, 2006

"Dirty Little Word"

It's just too friggin' hot to do much. However, we worked our butts off aaaall weekend trying to get the shackhole in order for our move on Wednesday. Accordingly, we didn't let S. touch anything that might be mildly toxic and impede implantation, including staining, painting, heavy lifting, and cleaning (except vacuuming-she's a champ at that!). I think her mother thought we were being a little stupid and overly-cautious, but at $500 a pop, I think we can afford to slow down and be a little careful!

Looks like we'll be in New Hampshire when we're supposed to do our 2-week test, so I don't know what we'll be doing about that. I guess a home pregnancy test, but that makes me nervous, plus we'll be at our friends' family lake house. Wouldn't it be swell if they saw the pregnancy test in the trash and thought it was our friends'! So, we have to find a hospital or a lab or something and get that squared away. Also, we found out this weekend that our town doesn't have their high-speed internet up and running so we may have to use (choke, cough, gasp) dial-up for a little bit. I think we'll spring for the Verizon DSL. Isn't it funny how "dial-up" is such a dirty little word now?


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