Sunday, October 01, 2006

Baby not on our mind

We had a big weekend--we got the heat plumbed through the rest of the house. (Well, not us--the plumber and S.'s dad did it.) Man, they worked their little fannies off, but they got it all done in a day and a half. Good work, men!

As for us, we had a little tag sale on Saturday. We made about $75, and we only sold crap! The people around here really weren't into paying $50 for a set of end tables or a nice set of dishes. Instead, they went for the 25 cent books, some baskets, journals, and like I said--other crap. Works out for us, though! We get to have dinner out next weekend from the profit.

On the baby front, S. still hasn't gotten AF, but we're pretty sure she's not pregnant. I mean--no sore nips, no weird twangs in the belly, and she sure hasn't been acting pregnant--she's been drinking some beer and wine--definitley not your typical tww behavior. We're also about 99.99999% sure she never ovulated. So, yeah, it probably didn't work. However, she has her dr.s appt. on Wednesday, so she can finally get that referral to an R.E. So hopefully, we'll be doing our insems in stirrups, just like she prefers!

Oh, and that mouse--caught him on Saturday, too--those clap traps are really way more humane than the glue traps, because the little guy is killed instantaneously. On the glues they starve to death, which is way more cruel and could take days and days. Gross either way, but I put him in our compost pile to he can rejoin the earth with the other decomposing things out there. It was my way of saying good-bye and thanks for not pooping on the kitchen floor anymore!


Laura D. said... have mice...isn't that what Luna's for?!?! :)

Anonymous said...

i'm still keeping my fingers crossed for you two!