Saturday, September 29, 2007

Am I dead inside yet?

Try #14 and my first IVF cycle began last night with my first shot of Lupron. The IVF protocol that I am on (maybe all IVF protocols? - I'm not a master at this yet) takes two cycles to perform. So, I take Lupron from ovulation until my period. Then, I start stims and continue Lupron until egg retrieval. I'm in the first stage - in which I am sending myself into menopause, killing anything natural that may be going on so the RE has a clean slate to start with - no follicles, no eggs, no natural ovulation. This sounds so horrible. So...not...natural.

Let's recap what led me to this:
3 IUI's in NYC with OB/GYN
3 ICI's at home with C.
4 IUI's with Clomid in MA with RE
3 IUI's with Injectibles with RE

I hope this is the magic answer.

On another note, I went to a new ob/gyn yesterday. My feet have been in stirrups for a year and a half. Funnily enough, I have not had an annual exam and pap smear. oops. And the RE's office doesn't do it. So I took their recommendation and went to the place they have a relationship with. It's a very popular practice - big and busy, but people love it. The doctor was great, I could see myself using her, but my apt. was an hour and a half late. When I went to book next years exam they didn't have anything available until December 08 and that wasn't even after school hours. I did like her it worth it? They are popular for a reason, right? Why do I feel like I'll be sacrificing something? Am I just used to the small coziness of my RE? And remember, with any luck, I may be using this practice in pregnancy and delivery. It was nice to be able to grill her about their pregnancy and delivery practices (one of the five will deliver you at either of the local hospitals). Thoughts?


e. said...

sending you all the best as you prep for ivf. i am soooo hoping it works its magic for you!

you asked for opinions about the ob/gyb, so i am going to tell you my gut far away...booked through dec. 08?! that's nuts. maybe i am just in denial about how ob/gyn offices run because i've been using midwives for my annuals since college but i'd want someone that i could get an appointment with fairly easily and who did not have such a huge patient case load. but that's me.

p.s. - i also have not had an annual in way too long because we were going in every month for iuis...maybe it's normal for those of us who are going in monthly for iuis to lapse in paps?

e. said...


i just want to say that i admire your persistence in your very long journey. i can only begin to imagine how hard it must be to be starting cycle #14, yet you two hanging in there and are getting it done. you deserve to be blessed with a baby...or two!


orodemniades said...

I have to agree with e. - Dec '08 is ridiculous. I mean, if you have an emergency, how quickly would you be able to get an appointment? Are they familiar with women who undergo IVF and some of the problems that might crop up (frex, unexpected bleeding, more frequent ultrasounds, etc)?

It seems like forever since my IVF cycle, but my protocol was to go on BCP's for 3 weeks, then start Lupron and then start stimming. I didn't have a period between the Lupron and the stims, although I did spot for like, an hour, when I went off the BCP's. I know some clinics use BCPs and some don't, so that's probably the difference between our protocols. Otherwise, sounds pretty normal!

vee said...

I so hope this is the magic answer for you - you've been through more than enough crap to have reached this juncture. Surely it's got to be your turn.

I was surprised to read that annual paps is the norm over there - we have them every 3 years here (our National Health Service believes that more frequent examinations do not produce higher cervical cancer prevention rates).

Miss Conception said...

Just found your site today and wanted to leave a note wishing you both the best of luck. We've been at this for 7 years and are heading into our 2nd IVF. Wish I could say it gets easier.

Marcy "meg" said...

Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I will now follow your journey of course! Good luck on your IVF cycle..... I look forward to hearing all about it :)

The Nanny said...

Crossing my fingers...

Love, Nanny

Faith said...

tomorrow i'll meet my new ob/gyn. it hadn't clicked in my brain that not only would she be helping me try to get pregnant - she could be helping me deliver down the road. hadn't even crossed my mind! right now i'm pretty focused on the process of trying - not so much the (fingers crossed) result. makes me less crazy right now.

lots of love to you two & thanks for the encouragement on my end, too!

LD said...

I'm hopin' for ya, as always! I want to see a beautiful baby in a cute fancy outfit at my wedding. :) I love you guys!

oneofhismoms said...

You are an ass kicker and I think you're going to get knocked up. I say use the ob and pretend you still live in NYC. You'd have the same wait for a good ob in NYC, no? AND once you get pregnant, it will be much easier to get an appointment.

CD & SP said...

that is so true and it crossed my mind as I was sitting there. I thought, "am I spoiled?" or "was it fucked up in the first place?"