Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thank you, Doctor

After going through our "fuck, fuck and double fuck" phase after finding out we weren't pregnant, we calmed down and got ready to yell at one of our fertility nurses to make our doctor call us so we can get our IVF protocol. It worked. Miraculously, our doctor called S. with everything she's going to need to take and everything she needs to do. In the meantime. we're headed to the clinic for the drug protocol class and a meeting with the doctor in person. We are feeling apprehensive, but good. By the way, it's a luteal/Lupr*n protocol--if anyone knows anything about it, advice and info would be great.

You know, S. has quite a way with words. Once, in Hawaii, we were saying goodnight to a random stranger in an elevator and instead of saying "goodnight!" and giving the "shaka" sign with her hands (you know--hang ten with you thumb and pinky hanging out), S. said "nigh-night!" and made the "I love you" in sign language sign. Yeah. So after she was done talking to our doctor about her protocol, S. goes--"Thank you, Doctor." Like she was on some cheesy 70's soap opera or on Gener*l Hospital or something. Or--a porno set in a doctor's office. Yeah.


Faith said...

wow, s & c. wow. i just finished reading your entire blog and have such huge respect for you both! not that i didn't already, but now that i've had a peek at your lives i'm amazed.

i'm so much more informed now than i was, and thanks for the advice on the RE (although we don't seem to have one anywhere in alaska! please correct me if i'm wrong, anyone1). danny & i are about to start out on 'officially' trying to get pregnant - as opposed to the 4 years we've spent passively trying the old fashioned way. no such luck.

i want to point out that i AM one of those straight women who are clueless about their bodies. but, thanks to you (and other friends, and hopefully my new doctor) i'll be changing that!

much love to you both!

tbean said...

I don't know anything about IVF firsthand but I wanted to offer my support for your next step. May it finally bring you good news!

gold star said...

I posted about the luteal lupron protocol on my blog (think it was my first post). It's the most common protocol for younger IVF patients because it essentially shuts down your body's hormone production prior to ramping it back up (Lupron shuts you down so when you start taking the stimulating hormones, you're basically starting from zero).

In other words, it's a protocol that enables the doctor to have 100% control over your gonadotropin releasing hormones, which grow your eggs.

S will probably take Lupron for a week or two, then start taking the stimulating hormones along with the Lupron until her egg retreival.

Feel free to email me with specific questions. I know how daunting the protocol looks when you first start.