Sunday, September 23, 2007

Loving Fall

Reflection of the Bridge of Flowers
Fall is my absolute favorite season, and of course I'm totally prejudiced against the Northeast having, hands down, the best fall everything, ever--foliage, scenery, food, views, drives--and we got a chance to get out and do some of those things today with S.'s parents. We drove to Shelburne Falls, home of both Bill Cosby and the famed Bridge of Flowers (so much for such a little town!). We took a walk, had a nosh, and enjoyed the amazing views from the road on the way out there--the leaves are just starting to turn the mountainsides beautiful variegated colors. Good stuff!
Bridge of Flowers, Shelburne Falls, MA


Faith said...

I miss fall in New England so much! Thanks for a little taste of it.

Melissa said...

I'm so jealous. It was 93 degrees where I am today :(

Sara said...

What a great weekend! Sounds like you were enjoying life!!

Holly said...

I love autumn in New England. What a nice weekend getaway.

orodemniades said...

Hola, popped over from Calliope's blog.

Say, Bridge of Flowers, you're in my neck of the woods! Sortakinda. Well, it's a quick drive for me.

So, um, yeah. Advice for the IVF, especially when you get to mixing - pinch an inch and try not to inject near a muscle. It's very stingy, worse so with the trigger shot. I'm just sayin'.

Oh, you may want to consider if you can get the day off after retrieval, I found it really painful...actually, the whole week was pretty painful.

gold star said...

oh, new england! how i miss thee.

hopefully we, too, will end up there once we've grown weary of nyc.