Saturday, September 22, 2007

So, that is a lot of medicine there. And a lot of needles. Here is the cool thing that our IVF nurse taught us about administering the meds, though--we don't have to poke S. with a needle three times a day! We actually mix all of the meds together into one vial, then inject her. Though it's a lot to inject all at once, I feel better knowing S. is getting only one poke a night, all subcutaneously (we're doing the progesterone suppositories again, not the progesterone-in-oil shots). S. and our doc talked and decided on implanting only one embryo, but to take off both transfer day 3 and 5 from work, since we're not sure just yet which one we'll be doing. (Explanation for those thankfully unfamiliar with IVF: the docs can choose to implant an embryo on day 3 or day 5 of its development, depending on what the eggs are doing in the lab.) So, that's a lot of days off of work in one week, but we'll manage. S. has an amazing boss, and though I have yet to tell mine what is going on, I know he'll be cool with it.

And now a huge request/favor for the locals out there--is anyone going to Women's Week in Provincetown this year? We were supposed to go, but our IVF schedule is going to now conflict with our weekend. We already have a room, though, and it's non-refundable. It's $90/night for a room with a double bed, free continental breakfast, sweet little place that's a walk right into downtown. It's for the evening of the 5th, 6th, and 7th of October (Columbus Day Weekend). It's called Dexter's Inn and the website is

Any takers??? Let us know--we'll give you all the info if you're interested. Also, for more information on Women's Week, check out
There's a whole schedule there to be found.

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j said...

based on personal (recent) experience? Plan on taking a couple of days after transfer. I felt like crap for 2 days then, but also perhaps consider the day after retreival too - you'll likely feel a little beat up then as well.