Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A just-fine mama

Well, I found out today what it's going to be like to be the second-parent of a child I didn't give birth to--exactly like he or she is my own.

When I moved in with S., she had a cute little cat named Luna. Well, this cute little cat was not my style. I hated cats, but I loved S., so I grew to like Luna and I think Luna grew to reasonably like, or at least tolerate, me. Today, Luna was nowhere to be found. S. looked up and down, in every closet, crevice, or box we could think of, but still no Luna. S. grew teary while a lump began to form in my stomach. I couldn't bear the thought of S. being so unhappy that this cat, which she raised from a kitten, might be gone. Moreso, I couldn't stand losing her, either! I realized I had grown to love her just like she was my own, raised from a kitten as if I were a cat lover. Consequently, I have learned to like cats, and I especially love this one and realized that even though I didn't raise her, she is still mine. And I have the same feelings and love and responsibilities for her that S. does.

Not to worry--Luna reappeared early this evening in the apartment on the 2nd floor that's being renovated. When she slipped out, she apparently slipped in there and slept all day with the workers. Edison, our super, found her, saw our note we posted on the front door, and contacted up right away. Thanks, Edison and Luna, for allowing me to realize I'll be a just-fine mama when S. has our baby.

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