Sunday, October 08, 2006

Buh-bye trees!

We had an interesting and long day today. Weird Tree Man, along with our buddy Larry and their assistant, Creepy Old Vet Dude With the Hydraulic Dump on His Truck (I'll just call him "Creepy Dude") came to take down not 1, not 2, but 3 trees total from our backyard. They actually ended up taking down 4 including a dead one on our neighbor's lawn. Our neighbor recently lost his wife and has been so depressed he hasn't managed to get out to mow or do anything in regards to keeping up his lawn. So, between me, S., and our neighbor Ted, we do things around the yard to keep it up.

Anyway, back to the trees. It was sort of traumatizing watching this huge, beautiful, 50-year-old (at least) fir tree come down. First, it was traumatizing because S. was holding Larry's baby and felt like the tree was going to crash down on both of them. Kind of scary. Needless to say, she went inside with the baby. Next, it was just sad to say, "Well, tree, you're perfectly healthy, but you're just in the way, so buh-bye! Have a nice life as firewood!" S. and I are relatively environmentally-conscious people. We recycle, S. drives a responsible vehicle, and we don't waste water, oil, or electricity. So this seemed really out there for us, to take down a tree for the sake of our yard's vanity. Was it wrong, or was it all in the name of making our house a happy home? Well, the results really do speak for themselves--the yard looks, like, really good (if I'm ever in the mood, I'll post pictures, but I'm notoriously lazy when it comes to downloading stuff of the digi cam). know what? We're just sad people lately, to be honest. We really want a kid!! Seriously, man--it's like, let's just get pregnant already! And we miss our life in NYC, and our friends, and the places where we hung out. We're homesick for a home that was never really ours, and babysick for a baby we don't have yet. What is wrong with us?!


Laura D. said...

We're really missing our friends and NYC, these days, too!

beans said...

Nothing is wrong--change and waiting are hard-especially when it all happens at the same time.