Sunday, October 29, 2006

We're sell-outs

Obviously, S. did not go on a mad hunt for sperm. It's nice to daydream about, but it's just something we would never, ever do. To add to the annoyance of this cycle, our r.e.'s office called Tuesday to inform us that, less than a week before our appointment, we couldn't see this doctor because she wasn't taking any new patients. Apparently, the dumbass who made our appointment was unaware of this. Now we're pushed back to 11/10, which likely means another cycle at home. We're not really happy about this at all, but we just want to get it out of the way. We know that we'll pretty much never see our doctor again after this one appointment, and just be working with the techs and nurses when we go in for ultrasounds and IUIs. It's just the reality of going to a big infertility clinic, and at this point I think we're both willing to accept this. It will be hard for us, since we were so used to seeing Dr. K. every single time we went into the clinic in NYC, and HE was the one who inseminated us--but we're willing to throw that close relationship away and sell it out for some answers and some stirrups.


bluegrammargirl said...

That just bites. :( I'm sorry about this cycle. It always feels like you're throwing a precious 30 days away, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

While I am glad that there are men who are willing to give the gift of life, i was shocked what I read at Obviously this guy is not seeing the ability to father a child as the true gift it is and is only seeking monetary gains. It saddens me that someone can be so matter of fact about a situation that so many people like myself take so seriously.