Thursday, October 18, 2007

Eggy Update

Egg retrieval - check! They retrieved 20 eggs, more than expected, this morning. Tomorrow we'll get a report on how they are fertilizing, and then wait for either a day 3 or day 5 transfer (Sunday or Tuesday). S. is feeling quite wonky from the anesthesia, but she's hydrated and fed, and napping peacefully right now. I think she's glad it's all over with and looking forward to the hard part--implantation.

A note of concern: they want S. to take 5mg of valium before the procedure. She does not want to do this and is afraid of a bad reaction, but they insist it's not just for mental relaxation, but as a muscle relaxer as they use a fairly LARGE speculum to get in there and place it precisely, and need her to not move at all. Why they don't just put you under if they don't want you to move, we're not sure. Any advice/anecdotes on this? They are really pushing us to take it.

Thanks again for all your well-wishes. We still have a far way to go, though! Ahh! But a great start, for sure.


oneofhismoms said...

I would just do what they say wherever an extremely large speculum is concerned. But that's just me.

20? 20 eggs? Awesome. This month rocks. I'm sending love your way.

Co said...

Glad the retrieval went well. I'm sending you good vibes for an amazing fertilization rate.

nycphoenix said...

take the valium. Imagine if you will, a large speculum, a full bladder (dr.'s instructions) and a tech pressing odwn on the bladder with the stomach ultraosound machine to get a good viewof the uterus. They don't offer valium at my clinic and I wish they did? The physical along with the mental make the whole thing uncomfortable.

j said...

The valium was the BEST part for me.


gold star said...

20?? She is a freaking egg machine. Congratulations - that is a WONDERFUL number!

My anecdote: E's experience was better when she took it. When she didn't take it, it was very hard for her to hold still with the pressure on her bladder. The time she took it she said the ET felt much smoother and easier than the first time. So it could have also just been her familiarity with the procedure.

BTW, the speculum was not what bothered her, it was the pressure from her full bladder. BUT, she didn't have the soreness from the pumped up ovaries + retreival.

So take that for what it is worth.

If she doesn't want it, she shouldn't take it. Either way, she'll be okay. But she may have more physical discomfort if she decides not to take it.

Marcy "meg" said...


I was warned by several IVFers to take a valium and then I asked my clinic about it (trying to get prepared for mine that should be here in a few weeks) and they said I didn't need it! Ha! Easy for them to say. I think I will be getting a valium just in case.... I would rathar be more relaxed than not! Now I have to find one :)

Let me know how it goes and which way she decides....

aspiring said...

I took a Valium before my transfer and wouldn't turn it down again. Like your partner, I had a lot of eggs retrieved, and I was still moving a bit slowly by the time of the three-day transfer. I think having the Valium helped me relax and not think too much about the ultrasound wand's pressure on my full bladder.

I've had about 10,000 IUIs, and the transfer didn't feel significantly different.

I say take the Valium. They want your uterus to be relaxed, and it can't hurt.
I strongly, strongly suggest you two take the time in advance to consider how many embryos to transfer. Luckily, my clinic gave my partner and I a lot of time to discuss, but I've heard of others where people didn't have a lot of time to make that decision.

Good luck!

Melody said...

Heh-- now I get it. We didn't get to transfer, but my clinic prescribed Xanax for me for before both the retrieval and transfer. I was definitely taking it before the retrieval-- 12-inch needle up my girly parts. Enough said. Large speculum + full bladder? I hate taking medicine, too, but I'd take it.

Lo said...

yay!!! 20!!!!

Sara said...

20 seems like a phenomenal number! What fantastic ovaries you have over there!!!

Melissa said...

YAY 20! Can't wait to hear about you next steps.

e. said...

20 sounds great!

sounds like the valium would be helpful. the closest experience i have would be the huge speculum for my HSG - i took one xanax and wished i'd taken two.

orodemniades said...

20? Awesome! I was not offered Valium beforehand, and I was/am fine with that. However, speaking as someone who drank too much water before transfer, ye gods, you really, really, really don't want to be on that table for any length of time...I warned my doctor that I couldn't take responsibility for what my bladder might do. She laughed and said I wouldn't be the first woman to pee uncontrollably.

The laughable part? I had to pee unbelievably badly, but the speculum was spread so wide that I couldn't go!! Which turned out to be far more painful than holding it in. And trust me, catheters without sedation? No so nice.

Oh yes, I forgot about the pressing with the ultrasound...and it took about 45 minutes, but from what I understand that's longer than normal. Keep in mind she'll have to lie down for an hour afterwards, too. In my case the drained bladder didn't stay drained for long, and the hour was agony.

But hey, it was all worth it in the end!

orodemniades said...

Forgot, I had 24 eggs retrieved, and although my husband and I had previously decided to put in 3 (I'm old), because I responded to the stims so well I decided at the last minute (seriously, my doctor came in right before I moved into the surgical room and asked me again how many we wanted to transfer) to only put in two. And thank goodness for that, because I wouldn't want to be pregnant with twins, pregnant with one has been nervewracking enough.

Jennifer said...

awesome haul!

The valium thing is routine. I was given the option to take it. I didn't have to. My friends can take it if you want. If not, no biggie. If taking the stress-relief pill causes stress, I say don't take it!

But some say it is good to take the mental edge off...retrieval is easier because you are under. The transfer is harder because of the full bladder, The speclum didn't bother me at all, to be honest. It was just the full bladder!

Keep us posted on the fertilization report!

vee said...

S is a bloody egg factory! 20!!

And I'm with the rest - take the valium. Not that I have any authority to say that, having not gone through ER. I have, however, just backed out of a lap which would have involved a general anaesthetic on the grounds the generals carry a not insignificant risk. Probably more risk than a valium.

LD said... have a chance to take one of the greatest prescription pain killers ever and you might turn it down??? Who are you? What did you do with S.??

Okay, if you don't take it for the procedure, let C. take it with a nice big glass of wine AFTER the procedure.

Better yet, put it in a nice little envelope and mail it to me. :)

I'm thinking of you ALOT and sending good baby vibes your way. Yay eggs!

Faith said...

20 eggs - that's amazing!

the valium thing sure sounds like it couldn't hurt? i don't know - i always end up getting pretty stupid on stuff like that.