Saturday, June 24, 2006

No Fun in Babymaking Land

Unfortunately, AF came knocking on our door on Thursday. We sort of knew that, as our first pregnancy test came out negative, but it was still early. But we went for the blood test Friday anyway just to double-check. We still don't know for sure sure, but a girl knows, and S. is sure she's not pregnant. We're disappointed. I definitely felt this kind of, like, empty void feeling this time around that I didn't get so strongly the last time, just because you never, ever expect it to work the first go-around. But this time I was more hopeful than I tend to let myself become.

Dr. K. is willing to do an insemination once more with us before turning us over to the r.e., who will be way more expensive and perhaps less understanding. I'm not looking forward to it, but by that time we will have moved to MA and will have to find a new doctor and start all over again anyway. Sigh. Big disappointment, but we're looking ahead to next cycle. Hey, at least we get more and more informed everytime we do it!


Anonymous said...

i'm so sorry about this failed cycle. i'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you guys!

J said...

All hope is not lost. Will you have jobs in Mass?? If so....Mass is one of the 11 states that MUST cover (to some extent) infertility treatments/IVF if you have health insurance.

Could be a blessing for you!