Monday, June 12, 2006

to try #2

It did get better. I thought we were on target. The OPK's (ovulation predictor kits) and my temps looked good. We checked my follicles and at 18.9, Dr. K gave me the trigger shot of HCG and 24 hours later, on Saturday night, we did the insem. It was actually REALLY painful this time. But there we were, in an abandoned hospital warming sperm up in a coffee mug, debating granite vs. laminate and hopefully and happily taking part in our second IUI. Then I went home to a delicious homeade dinner with the greatest friends who didn't seem to mind that my ass was in the air all night. Top it off with a full moon.
I'm trying to keep hope. My temperature never spiked, which it does the day after you ovulate. So...I'm discouraged. And stressed - both of which don't help with the pregnancy picture. Today, I got two job rejections and my tire fell off on the highway today ($500 later...I guess we're going with ugly laminate!).
Here were are in the tww (two week wait)...all your hopes...please.


Anonymous said...

good luck to you two on try number two!!!

btw, we just re-did our kitchen (as a distraction from ttc) and went with laminate from ikea and are happy with it. this is not our forever home so we just wanted to make it look as nice as possible without spending too much money. i hated the idea of laminate as well, but it's not that bad.

CD & SP said...

Thanks for the advice!