Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Pee tests are weird

Can I just tell you how scary and weird it is that we're taking home pregnancy tests now? Actually, the scariest part is buying them. I've been buying the hpts and opks at the Rite Aid by my school. Every time I go in, I have this vision of me, squatted down in front of the pharmacy shelf where they sell the hpks, opks, some lube and condoms, when one of my students comes up behind me. Or worse, checks me out at the register! I can just see it now. The news spreads like wildfire in the halls: "Ms. D.'s pregnant!" Maybe I flatter myself to think they'd even care. Besides, school is out for them unless they're taking the state exams. But still-I feel like I'm risking it every time I go in there.

Is anyone else slightly embarassed by buying these things? I am. Although I was also embarassed to buy myself maxi pads and tampons until about 5 years ago because I was raised to not talk about such things openly. Good thing I went to an all-women's college, where I got over that pretty quickly!


J said...

Yes. It's even more embarassing to buy pee tests AND tampons at the same time - because my wife is on the same cycle as me. Good times.

And, in answer to your question - It's EASY to swim in Maine - depending on the weather. If it's less than 85 degrees, swimming must only be done in rivers. Over 85, and the ocean is all good!

stacey said...

In college, I once had to buy a pregnancy test (and REALLY didn't want to be). The checkout lady @ the grocery store scanned the box and asked, "Do you want the answer to be yes or no?". Shocked that she would even ask such a thing of a 21 year-old, I just shook my head and mumbled no. She stared at me really hard for a few seconds and then said, "Well, I'm pretty sure you are, but good luck." Yikes. So not her business. And she was totally wrong.