Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Well, I fell victim to the craze of home pregnancy tests. I've been feeling off, my nipples are killing me, I had implantation spotting, my temperature dipped and then went way back up - all these are the signs of possible pregnancy. So, I just couldn't bear waiting a whole week to find out. I go for a beta (blood test) on Friday, but I simply couldn't wait. C. brought it home for me yesterday and all night long I dreamt of insemination and positive hpt's. I made this deal with myself - if my temperature spiked high, than I would test. And test I did. Nervous as hell, I peed in the cup, spilled it on the floor and acted the part of scientist dropping my 4 drops of piss into the little hole. For five minutes we waited. And.......NOT positive. I refuse to say it was negative, because there is still a chance. I tested early. I'm only 10 days past insem. Too early...and I knew it. I feel like I was tricked by my body. I always planned on just waiting for my period but I couldn't help myself. It's like finding your birthday present and peeking - which we all know, I do. Can't help it! I'm not doing it again tomorrow, it's too much pressure. But...lets see what my chart tells us and maybe again on Thursday or Friday. -sp

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