Thursday, June 01, 2006

Wild Yams, Strawberries, and Conceiving

Hey! We have an archive now! That is beyond exciting. So I am contemplating how to make this cycle better than the last one. These are some thoughts I've been having. Let me know if you've tried any of these and they actually have worked:
  • Having lots and lots (and lots and lots) of sex to trick S.'s body into thinking it's receiving sperm and about to procreate. Isn't that why people oppose same-sex marriage? Because our sexual encounters are base and have nothing to give to society, like more people?
  • Using progesterone cream after S. has ovulated. I guess it's actually derived from wild yams or something. I am just intrigued by the fact that wild yam cream can somehow thicken S.'s uterine wall by simply smearing it inside her legs and on her stomach.
  • Eating more dark vegetables & fruits. I've provided for dinner this evening green curry with tofu and lots of dark green veggies. S. may have strawberries for dessert, because they're dark red, and then maybe some chocolate sorbet because, you know, that's dark, too. And sort of a vegetable. (Hey, it's from a freaking plant, isn't it?!)

That's all I can think of trying right now. All further suggestions are more than welcome.


marta said...

we are in the 2ww of our 6th try. i feel like we have tried every trick in the book, other than meds. actually, i did try soy one cycle and it did make O earlier... but still nothing.

can you get progesterone cream over the counter???

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