Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Well, obviously...

Obviously we will be giving birth to the devil baby, if at all, because today was the day from hell, as SP so elequently put it with her cursing post there. You know, I don't understand why stupid people exist in this world. Really. Is there a purpose for them? Well, obviously it's to screw up FedEx shipments. I mean, seriously--how dumb can you be when you decide to put a 22-pound box that says FRAGILE and KEEP UPRIGHT on every single side sideways all day long? C'mon!!!!! This isn't rocket science--you work at fucking Fed Ex, it's your job to follow shipping directions.

I might also add that Clomid is probably the new enemy. How dare it make SP ovulate like, days and days and days early! Jeesh! And I thought this was supposed to help us? If Dr.K. is a fertility doc, shouldn't he know that Clomid will make her ovulate earlier, therefore everything should be done earlier? Like, ultrasounds and HcG shots and all of that? I am just sick of having to depend on other people to get this done. If it were up to us, we'd have this over and done with months ago. We're freakin' geniuses compared to all the asses we encountered today. Really!

--a pissed and tired CD

Phew. Just a vent.

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