Friday, November 06, 2009

Dear 7 readers,
This is how dedicated we are to you. Instead of heading to the romantic wine bar after the C@tie Curtis show, we are at a cafe because it has free wireless where we can drink tea and head to bed. Yes, dedicated. Not, however, dedicated enough to pay the $10 for wireless at our swanky hotel. And, no, it's not because we're old fuddy-duddies who are really looking forward to the first night sans-Theo because of the uninterrupted quality of sleep we will get. That's just a perk.
Love, S and C

p.s. I hope Theo is not terrorizing his meme.


Stacey said...

I am reading everyday. Hope the night went well x o

beans said...

I feel the love! I also think it is ridiculous now that hotels are charging for wireless . . just sayin!