Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Okay, I've just started and then deleted 2 blog entries. My brain is non-functional. The day off, which I have to say I was feeling like I badly needed, seems to have drained me.

Seriously. I just wrote another sentence then deleted it.

I'm watching Brothers and Sisters on TiVo. Hey, we're a Nielson Family now! Yes, we somehow determine what does and does not get ratings. In fact, we had to do a "tv diary" last week, and it had exactly 5 entries in it for the week. S. wouldn't let me stop on anything she deemed "embarrassing" for more than 5 minutes because she didn't want the Nielson people to know we watching anything, you know...embarrassing.

I will also mention that this particular episode of "Brothers and Sisters" we are watching is from last January. We have entire seasons of shows in waiting. So, no spoilers please.


Zach said...

how did you become a nielson family?
and you'd think that by this point, they could tell electronically what you had watched without having to keep a diary. Do you have to report the shows, now, too? how do you rate them? is it web-based, or do you get a special remote? i'm fascinated by all of this.

Eva Gallant said...

I love Brothers and Sisters. It's one of my favorite shows.!

How cool to be a neilson family!

CD and SP said...

You know, I haven't the foggiest idea how we became a Nielson family. I just got something in the mail one day. I was pretty exciting. It's so archaic, the way they track ratings--they do phone surveys and old-fashioned surveys and viewing diaries like I mentioned. Nothing fancy! I always used to think there was something on the TV that zapped a message out to networks, but apparently this is too advanced!