Monday, November 09, 2009

Monday Musings

I have to say, I am finding these daily blog posts quite liberating after a day of dealing with surly teenagers and solo-parenting. S. is on a "business trip," as she likes to call it, but since we're educators, I reminded her that she is actually at a "conference" out in Boston with some of her favorite co-workers. Lucky her getting to spend the night in a nice hotel with a balcony and then go to an awesome dinner. Theo and I didn't make out too bad, though, I have to say. I think I did pretty good my first single mom night. Let me tell you, though, I am not cut out for 1.) stay at home momming or 2.) single parenting. Nuh-uh, no way. Maybe if I had always been a single parent it wouldn't be so shocking, but seriously, taking care of that kid solo is a huge job. Every time I am alone for a long time with Theo, I feel blessed to have S. as my parenting partner, and wowed and amazed at the job single mothers do everyday of their lives. I don't know that I would have the fortitude to do the job. But, as a mother, I get that you do what you have to for the sake of your children.

Okay, on to the next topic...I happened to catch the House of Representatives on CSPAN just as they passed the Health Care Bill on Saturday night. I am consistently amazed at the atmosphere of these voting sessions. Seriously, it looks like they're having a freaking cocktail party. Hugging, shaking hands, chatting. Hello people! Don't you know our freaking futures are at risk here?? Anyway, S. berated me for not waking her up to see the historic moment. It really wasn't all that spectacular, let me tell you. She also accused me of making her miss multiple televised historic moments, as I also failed to wake her when Obama won last Nov. and he made his moving speech in Chicago. Sorry baby; next time a piece of landmark legislation passes and/or racial barriers are broken, I'll attempt to stir you!

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