Monday, November 16, 2009

I think this is the funniest thing ever. Both my father and my mother call, independently of one another, to ask about how gymnastics was for Theo today. Why do they even remember that he had it today? MY parents, who are kinda anti-baby in a weird way. I always worried that they wouldn't really "like" my kid. I know they "love" him, but they are kind of hands-off when it comes to people and feelings. And here they are worried that he's getting in trouble at gymnastics class. hahaha.

And no, he was not good. He likes it, and the teachers are okay with it, but he doesn't really do what they tell him to. He wants to sit in the damn ball pit. He wants to run around like a maniac, he doesn't want to jump over the foam, he walks around it instead. Oh well, I just want him to be around other kids and do things we don't do at home. And maybe he'll learn to sit at circle time later.

My mothers last comment to me was "...but they don't scold him, right?" Now, that's love.

-sp (Remember I said, we would start signing our posts??)


Strawberry said...

I gotta admit, I think I'd be more into the foam mats than the bars, too ;-) He's all, um, and what do you want me to DO here? lol

Keely said...

I am so glad you guys are doing NaBloPoMo-- it is really fun "getting to know you" a little better ;-)
Rock on!

Sara I said...

No child Theo's age is going to sit in circle time. Those teachers need to get real!

S. said...

Actually the teachers are totally OK with it. They like him because he'll try ANYTHING, while the others are kinda clingy.

Co said...

Jo loves gymnastics. His teacher is great. The teacher encourages them to do the activities, but also quickly modifies if kids have sudden crying fits (of terror or anger) or simply refuse to do things.

Theo is so cute on the bars!!!! Love it. (And expect a package coming your way from the Family O soon.)