Friday, November 13, 2009

Random Reader Responses

Oooh, fun questions...thank you thank you thank YOU, readers, for saving our asses from complete obsolescence this evening.

I would like to address a couple of fun reader comments. This one is my favorite:

Did you put pictures of celebrities on your walls when you were younger?

YES! This so embarrassing, but I had my wall plastered with teen boy stars like Edward Furlong, Jonathan Brandis, and some others that have fallen into obscurity. (I think Jonathan Brandis committed suicide a few years ago. Furlong shows up in reruns of Terminator 2:Judgement Day.) That sort of progressed into my music-obsessed teenaged self, so those pictures were soon replaced by my fav high school bands--radiohead, smashing pumpkins, tori amos, nine inch nails, nirvana...did you ever have those HUGE, GINORMOUS posters? I had like, 4 of those on my wall--two smashing pumpkins, one tori amos, and one beatles. I would say my musical tastes have expanded greatly, but I still turn to that music when I'm feeling blue and need a little jolt.

Thoughts on Western Mass (for Mutti):

I love it here and if I had to leave NYC for anywhere, it was going to be for somewhere we love. There is everything..arts, culture, restaurants, the great outdoors, a generally liberal population, kid-friendly places--plus real estate here is way cheaper than in Eastern Mass, and there is no crazy city-traffic like in the Boston suburbs (where I grew up).