Thursday, November 19, 2009

Well, I started cycling again and made an appointment with my RE to talk about what comes next. Unfortuately, I can't just show up with a canister of swimmers and hope a nurse will take me--I have to actually have an official "change of treatment" and then act accordingly. so--we'll see. I am also going to call our midwives' office to see if I could possibly do it with them instead. It's a little trickier with them, since they have no storage and no imaging facilities (so no follicular monitoring). The plus side is that they can pretty much meet you any time to do the deed, whereas at our clinic, the schedule is a little more strict.

Fortunately, my RE appt. isn't until January, so we have some time to ponder. Then there's obviously the costs...will insurance cover our insems? Will they charge us for a mere office visit, or for god knows what else? Meh. I hate that money somehow ends up playing into ttc decisions.

I'm pooped, by the way. Conferences, as S. mentioned previously. And Theo. Oh! Poor Theo! I weep for his tender gums.



Candi said...

Good luck with everything!! i hope that your insurance will cover.

and hope that theos gums dont hurt so bad.. because so will your ears!! aww

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

We used the same midwife, right?

They did all my IUIs. I stored at Baystate. I'd just call up a day ahead (or in some cases morning of) and they'd pack the sperm into a tank for pick up. I could keep it for three days, longer if I called to let them know. I had follicular studies at Valley Med in Florence. The MWs have a relationship with the woman who does them there. It's totally doable this way.

Good luck whatever you decide!

Lo said...

Tea is on its way to help...