Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Why We Blog

We started this blog 3 1/2 years ago when we began ttc. It was started because, at the time, we didn't think there was "anyone else out there" going through this process. Hahahahaha...were we ever wrong. What we found in the process certainly has kept us going even after we've achieved our goal of conceiving and birthing a child. 3 1/2 years ago, we could never have imagined that:

-There were a whole mess of other women out there doing the same thing we were
-We would grow very attached to a bunch of random strangers across the country and world
-We would leave NYC to live in Western Mass
-We would have a little Theo

But here we are all these years later. We're still blogging because our journey has not yet come to an end. That, and I could not imagine just cutting out of my life the journey of all those others we have grown attached to.

Man am I sounding corny tonight. In all seriousness, though, blogging has brought us much needed sanity, information, piece of mind, and a general sense of belonging we do not always get in the outside world. All this by sharing intimately personal information with an internet full of strangers.

Why do you blog?


Caroline said...

Because it's cheaper than therapy. :)

I started my blog 4 years ago because I was at a job where I had a lot of extra time and I was kind of bored. I had no idea how many people would truly become my friends.

melissa said...

Hmmm... because it's more fun than sleep? No, that can't be right. Must be for the community. :)

Tina-cious.com said...

I wish I knew! LOL

Laurie said...

We started our blog when were TTC because none of our family or friends knew we were trying and we wanted to have something for them to look back on. We thought it would be a great way for them to see what we went through to get pregnant. To our surprise (like you), we found an enormous amount of support in other people in similar situations.

It's truly amazing how attached I am to the people whose blogs I read. I feel like we have an extended family of amazing women who we have never even met!

beans said...

I started my blog cause I had a new job and was BORED to tears. Then I started doing it because I liked the freedom to write--as I had always been one to journal. I wish I were more on top of it.

Anonymous said...

thank you for blogging! We are in the beginning processes of TTC, and reading your blog and others brings us support!